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LEAD was founded by three students from the UvA. But the reach is way broader: LEAD is Amsterdam wide, connecting all universities and faculties.

Variety is key for LEAD and more than wanted.

LEAD has the vision to connect entrepreneurial minds from all backgrounds. 

We want to be the very first step for founders, way before the start-up is created. LEAD brings together needed capabilities with a variety of different students. 

LEAD is fun, LEAD is creative, and LEAD inspires.


LEAD can offer different services for students, university entities or companies. You will find all information on this website.

As a student, we welcome you to become a member. By becoming a member, you will get access to all members as well as to the forum, where you can interact with other students. This exclusive access makes LEAD what it is: A faculty wide connection tool. 

Take the unique opportunity and be a member of LEAD today.

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Always ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to what you want to be tomorrow.

Every strategy that has established goals can be summed up in the following: Going from point A (where I am) to point B (where I want to be). Turning great ideas into great products, or even more, into successful ones, requires commitment, discipline and patience. 

With a great team by your side, you'll be unstoppable.

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Einstein once said: "Creativity is intelligence having fun."

No matter how amazing your product or service might be, without marketing you won't sell it. Marketing is everything and it's everywhere and it is what thrives me. Creativity and design is the most curcial part, and understanding why you do it the way you do it. A brand can create a whole world, and creativity is what this world is made of.

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Being an entrepreneur means to have an insatiable thirst for learning, evolving and creating. There is simply not one end goal.

Therefore, I believe Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, in which you work hard and take risks. You don’t have to be born for it. It’s something you learn by doing. Fear of failure or lack of perseverance is what keeps most people from starting. But put this fear aside and you can pursue your dreams, be independent and create value, for yourself and the world around you.

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